A recent (August 2016) survey performed by Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business and the International Business Brokers Association suggests that manufacturing businesses are suddenly, very much in demand. Manufacturers with Revenues of between $1 million and $50 million per year are selling quickly and at higher relative prices than at any time in recent history. The successful sale of companies of this kind appears to be far faster and with better pricing than service operations and distributorships, which have historically outpaced manufacturing by a substantial margin. Restaurants and service businesses still have the lead for sales under $1 million in annual Revenue, perhaps simply because they are more affordable for the small business person.
Normally, in an election year, Buyers would appear to be hesitant, and our business brokerage activity slows dramatically, particularly during the six months leading up to electionday. But for whatever reason, this year we have found an extremely active Buyer market. Certainly, one of the big reasons is the low interest rates that are available.
We also represent two (2) small manufacturing-oriented operations for sale, and the demand for these has increased dramatically, compared to activity we have seen from our other listings. Liquor Stores are a particular favorite in the retail market, but these have been difficult to sell over the past two years, because of premium pricing demanded by the Sellers. Demand for other Retail-oriented stores has been somewhat lower this year, for a variety of reasons. Restaurant sales have – as always – been fairly brisk.
If you or anyone you know has a business of their own and are thinking about retiring, now could be an ideal time, before the market changes and interest rates begin to rise.
(The BAF Group LLC is a full service Business Brokerage, with a history of more than a decade of service. Its Principal Broker possesses 25+ years of Business Sales and Divestiture. Although most of our work is involved in the Mid-Atlantic States, we have represented Sellers and Buyers throughout the Continental USA, and a number of overseas Buyers, as well. Some of our listings and additional information about us can be viewed at www.bafgroup.com. Or, you may contact us at combroker@bafgroup.com. Thank you for your interest.)